With all the recent news about the dangers of Lead in Water many people have gone to see their family physician to request a test for lead to make sure they have not somehow become an unknowing receipient of excessive lead exposure.

First the Bad News…

A large number of those same people, however, back away from the topic of having themselves tested for lead exposure when the doctor tells them that testing for lead exposure will require bloodwork. * cringe *

Several members of the Water Testing Blog staff fear needles a lot more than they ought to and would not ever consider getting tested for lead exposure — because of their terrible fears.

Now the Good News!

Recent breakthroughs in non-invasive testing using saliva have made it possible for even the needle-fearing cowards on our staff to get tested for lead.

Lead in Saliva Test Kit

As stated by Test Country, a popular and trusted distributor of the Saliva Lead Detect Home Test

“While the effects of lead poisoning are very serious, children are most significantly affected by this heavy metal, which is toxic to the human body. Prolonged exposure to lead can cause health complications, which may be irreversible once the damage has been done.”

“The Lead Detection Saliva Test, a self-collected laboratory test can determine the level of lead in your body. Simply swab the inside of your mouth and send your saliva sample to the lab for analysis. Our CLIA Accredited Laboratory uses state-of-the-art Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) with Mass Spectrometry X2 (LC/MS/MS) technology to determine the amount of lead present. Results are available in 2-3 business days.”

The Point of All This?

Health officials and medical experts around the world agree that lead causes harm in the human body and that we come into possible contact with lead many time throughout our life.

And now, without the need for needles or costly bloodwork, everyone has the abilty to get themselves and their loved ones tested for accidental lead exposure using the Saliva Lead Detect Home Test.

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