eXact Micro 7+ Water Quality Testing Meter

Looking for a versatile, lightweight, waterproof water quality testing meter? Need an EPA Compliant testing meter for chlorine testing?

Introducing a new photometer using a patented method and technologies that offer faster, safer, easier, and more precise water testing.
The eXact Micro 7+ offers seven modes which provide direct read capabilities for Total Alkalinity, Bromine, Calcium Hardness, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Copper, Ozone, Permanganate, pH, and % Transmission – which allows for testing of an additional 17 parameters.

The eXact Micro 7+ can measure a total of up to 26 parameters and provides EPA Compliant testing method for both Free & Total Chlorine when used with DPD chemistry.

In need of replacement reagentstrip bottles for your eXact Micro 7+ Water Quality Testing Meter?

eXact Micro 7+ pH Test: 486639
eXact Micro 7+
pH Test

eXact Micro 7+ Copper Test: 486632
eXact Micro 7+
Copper Test

eXact Micro 7+ Free Chlorine: 486637
eXact Micro 7+
Free Chlorine

eXact Micro 7+ Total Chlorine: 486670
eXact Micro 7+
Total Chlorine

eXact Micro 7+ Total Alkalinity: 486641
eXact Micro 7+
Total Alkalinity

eXact Micro 7+ Calcium Hardness: 486629
eXact Micro 7+
Calcium Hardness

Update — Looking for an easier way to use DPD-1 with your existing chlorine test kit or meter? If it uses as 10 mL sample, then you definitely want to check out DPD-1 ReagentStrips for free chlorine. They mix into solution much quicker, easier and cleanly than DPD powders and DPD tablets and have a much longer shelf life than DPD liquids.

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