StaceyG from Rhode Island asked us a question recently:

Hi. Do chlorine test kits work for bromine, too?

Yes, Stacey, you can use a DPD-based chlorine test kit to detect bromine levels in water. Oh, and since you’ve asked about bromine, we will assume you want to test pool or hot tub water… so you can expect us to arrive shortly for the pool party. 😛

2-Way Test Kit

Generally speaking, and as long as you follow the directions for testing chlorine in water using a DPD-based water test kit, you will simply have to multiply the results of the test by 2.25 if you have bromine in the water instead of chlorine.

In other words, if you got a reading of 1.0ppm chlorine, but the water actually contained bromine, you have a concentration of 2.25ppm bromine in the water.

That’s too much math for me! My brain hurts!

Chlorine/Bromine Color Comparator Test Kit

For those of you NOT interested in having to perform any sort of mathematical calculations poolside, many pool & spa test kits come with color charts/labels for both chlorine and bromine.

eXact Micro 7+ Pool/Spa Testing Meter

And then, for the folks who don’t want to do any math OR have to compare colors of liquids to a color chart or color comparator, we have meters such as the eXact Micro 7+ Pool/Spa Testing Meter which takes ALL the guesswork out of chlorine and bromine testing!

Last we checked, the eXact Micro 7+ Pool/Spa Testing Meter qualified for free shipping at FilterWater.Com.

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