“Back when we grew up we didn’t have Mutated Ninja Turtles, Ninny-Tendo, Laptop Calculators, Cellular Tell-Lee Phones and fancy pants Eyewear Pods. We asked Santa for REAL things like HEAT and FOOD! Santa Claus brought us BOOKS and SLIDE RULES so we could get jobs after school in the coal mines!!!” — Some old codger.

WaterSafe School Science Project Kit

The older we get the less sense Christmas seems to make… and the more money we need to make in order to pay for Christmas! As a result of that realization, we spent some time looking for deals and bargains on presents related to water quality that would have a bit more meaning than gift cards for MP3 downloads, etc.

“MP3 download? Sounds like some kinda’ STD. What kinda’ crazy kid wants one of THOSE???” — Some old codger.

Regardless of whether you share the sentiments of ‘some old codger’ or not, the fact remains that we adults need to teach the next generation about water quality, its importance, and how to properly test for it.

Otherwise all the work past and present generations have done to make sure our planet doesn’t run out of water will go to waste. On another note, the quality of water that gets pumped into our nursing homes will suck, too.

Not cool. Not cool at all.

Educational Christmas presents related to water quality

We have two main reasons for bringing this next water test kit to your attention: 1) The WaterSafe School Science Project Kit contains enough testing supplies to test for 8 different water quality parameters (Lead, Bacteria, Pesticides, Nitrates, Nitrites, Chlorine, Hardness and pH); 2) The WaterSafe School Science Project Kit comes in two sizes for performing all 8 tests on 4 water samples or on 10 water samples.

That means one eager young student could tests multiple water sources OR a whole group of eager young water students could all test their own water and compare results afterward.

Need another good reason to take a look at the WaterSafe School Science Project Kit? OK, well how about the fact that FilterWater.Com usually has them on sale. Usually $39.95 for the 4-pack of tests and only $79.95 for the 8-pack of tests.

Spread the Water Testing Word!