While the majority of pool owners use some form chlorine to keep their pool water clean and sanitized, a good number of people use bromine tablets or bromine powder in place of chlorine.

As a general rule bromine offers more disinfecting power than chlorine because even its combined/used form (bromamine) still has the power to help keep water safe and clean. Additionally, by shocking once a week w/ an extra dose of bromine pool and spa owners effectively ‘free’ bromine molecules up to return to their assigned task of oxidizing biological contaminants.

Do bromine pools require stabilizer?

Despite bromine’s superior stability in water compared to chlorine, pool experts suggest maintaining a cyanuric acid level between 30 and 60 part per million. Note: As with chlorine, excessively high stabilizer levels can restrict bromine’s ability to do its job effectively.

What form does bromine come in?

Bromine usually comes packaged in tablet or granular form. Most people use tablets in a floater or feeder of some sort for everyday purposes and granular bromine for weekly shock treatments. One may also use granular bromine as a means of establishing a bromine level in fresh water so that it will begin to draw off of bromine tablets in a feeder or floater.

Who sells bromine?

Pretty much EVERY pool and spa store carries bromine in one form or the other, thought usually most will not carry bromine powder in large containers.

As far as online retailers go, we know that In the Swim carries different sizes of bromine tablet pails ranging from 3.5 pounds all the way up to 500 pounds.

In the Swim’s “Americas Strongest Bromine”…

A question you may have at this point: “How do I test for bromine?”

As usual the easiest method involves the use of test strips manufactured by companies like Aquachek or Pool Check. Test strips offer fast, reliable test results without the need for complicated testing procedures or messy powders and liquids.

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