Most ‘health’ issues stemming from contaminated well water did NOT have to happen so we really like hearing from people interested in getting their well water tested — hopefully BEFORE anyone has gotten sick from the water.

National Testing Labs 100+ Parameter Water Test Kit
National Testing Labs 100+ Parameter
Drinking Water Test Kit

Today we heard from ‘Ilija S’ who asked, “Who do we contact to get well water tested?

Hello, Ilija, and thank you for your inquiry.

When it comes to well water testing we suggest contacting a certified well water testing laboratory in your area. Your Local & State Health Departments should have a list that they can send.

WaterSafe Well Water Test Kit
WaterSafe Well Water
Test Kit

Please keep in mind that if you have reason to suspect well water contamination, you should always defer to the expert testing services of a qualified, certified water testing laboratory; preferably one in your immediate area since their staff will know more about the intricacies of your local water situation than a laboratory located in a different city, county or state.

For spot testing of basic water quality parameters, test kits such as the WaterSafe Well Water Test Kit or SenSafe Water Quality Test Kit work quite well… but they do not test for more complex, man-made chemicals such as VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).

If you want a more thorough analysis that includes things like pesticides and volatile organic compounds, you may want to take a look at test kit options like the National Testing Labs Mail-In Water Testing Kit that includes a number of commonly found pesticides and different VOC’s.

We hope this has helped at least a little bit!

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