Today's inquiry came to us from 'K McG' who asked, "Got well with high iron level, maybe also due to old plumbing with galvanized pipes. Droppped 2" x 12" x 3' treated wood in well. Immersed 1 mo. until fished out/removed. Have run water to dilute any leached arsenic many times. Will your arsenic test kit (5) give accurate results to determine safety for drinking water?"

To our knowledge, the iron in your well water ought not cause a problem for the Arsenic Quick Test Kit.

We have heard of only one common well water component that causes know interference with the Arsenic Quick line of water test kits: Hydrogen Sulfide.

Arsenic Quick test kits eliminate (negate the effects of) lower amounts of hydrogen sulfide in a water sample but hydrogen sulfide levels in excess of 2 mg/L (ppm) will interfere with testing.

Unsure if your water contains elevated levels of dissolved hydrogen sulfide?  The WaterWorks Hydrogen Sulfide Low Range test kit detects levels from 0.3 up to 2.0 mg/L (ppm).

As for which Arsenic Quick Test Kit to choose, we suggest opting for one with a wide detection range (i.e. one that starts below the EPA action level of 10ppb and can also detect levels much higher than 10ppb).  For most people looking to get a general feel for how much, if any, arsenic their water contains, the original Arsenic Quick Test Kit (packaged as 2 test5 test and 100 test versions) works quite well.