Earlier today we received an inquiry from ‘Tana’ who requested assistance deciphering the part numbers used for the different Arsenic Quick test kits for detecting dissolved organic arsenic (As+3 & As+5) in water.

Manufacturer: SenSafe / WaterWorks
Manufacturer’s Product Number: 481396-2, this is on your website.

I purchased as Quick part number 481297-2. Is this the same test as above ? In the 2006(AWWA) article– it says the as quick was replaced with Quick 2 — problems with the strips and foil packaging. The box or instr. do not indicate it is the quick 2 . So do I have the correct test? When I called ITS , they told me they do not have that part number, yet it is found on numerous sites. Is 481297-2 the quick 2 with the new packaging for the foil. I want the most accurate test

Thanks, Tana

We thank you for contacting us with this question, Tana, and feel confident that others besides yourself have had similar questions regarding the manner in which ITS opted to label their line of Arsenic Quick Test Kits. Hopefully the information below will clear things up for you.

The ‘-2’ you mentioned refers to the number of tests contained in the kit — which means you purchased a kit called the Arsenic Quick Low Range and it contains a total of two tests.

Arsenic Quick II -- 50 Tests
Arsenic Quick II — 50 Tests

If you want the Arsenic Quick II, then from what we know, you would need to purchase ITS part number 481303. As packaged by ITS, that kit contains 50 tests and should have the following detection levels on its color chart: <1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 13, 20, 25, 30, 40, >50, >80, >120, >160 ppb (µg/L).

You will find more information on the Arsenic Quick II Test Kit on the following web page: http://arsenic-test-kit.com/full-arsenic-quick-II-50-tests.shtml

You also mentioned that you want ‘the most accurate test’. All of the Arsenic Quick tests bearing the EPA/ETV certification should give accurate results when used properly. The differences between the kits lie in the precision offered by each kit and in the low level detection limit offered by each kit.

No matter which Arsenic Quick Test Kit you choose, please keep in mind that the EPA action limit for dissolved inorganic arsenic in water currently sits at 10ppb so if you detect arsenic concentrations greater than 10ppb, we suggest having your water tested immediately by a certified water testing laboratory.

Then, depending upon the results of the ‘official’ analysis, definitely select the correct water treatment system (arsenic filter or arsenic remediation system) for your individual water quality situation. Not all arsenic reduction/removal filters work the same and not all will work in every situation!