With the arrival of Fall, many pool owners have started thinking about closing their pools. Unfortunately for some, though, their Winter Cover from last year has seen its last days and they need a new one.

Why invest in a good winter cover? Simple: Keeping grass, leaves, debris, animals, wind blown trash, and dead bugs out of your pool water over the Winter means you will need fewer chemicals in the Spring and spend less time getting your pool back in shape for the swimming season.

Swimming pool covers come many different sizes, colors, thicknesses, and warranties.

Sizing: Buying too small a cover may result in water weight pulling the cover edge in — which means all leaves, bugs, and other debris will end up in your pool. A real mess!

Color: Many pool cover manufacturers color code their winter covers. Each color signifies a manufacturer’s cover grade and corresponding warranty.

Thickness: As a general rule, the thicker the cover the longer it will last and the longer the warranty it will come with. Increased winter cover thickness means increased cost.

Warranties: Pretty much all pool covers come with a warranty and the thicker the cover, the longer the warranty. Usually a longer warranty will mean a higher cost for the cover. Expect that a pool cover manufacturer will have a pro-rated warranty, not a full replacement policy.


Above Ground Pool Cover


inground pool covers

By keeping unwanted yard debris and dead animals out of your pool over the Winter you drastically reduce the number and amount of pool chemicals and pool stain removers you will need in the Spring.

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Part Number: W1050

Winterizing Pool Chemical Winterizing Chemical Kit

The ultimate swimming pool winterizing chemical kit includes pool closing instructions and all the pool chemicals you need to keep your pool algae-free. Swimming pool chemicals at In The Swim. Your Cost: $54.99

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Part Number: W1035

Pool Chemical Winterizing Kits: Super Kit

Chlorine-free pool winterizing chemical kit includes pool closing chemicals safe for all chlorine swimming pools and step by step pool closing instructions. Pool closing chemicals from In The Swim. Your Cost: $41.99

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