We have written several times about businesses calling on residents of different towns and cities in the past and offering free water testing services as part of an (alleged) authorized city/state water testing program… and today we will write about it again.

This time not to blast the potentially, and most likely unethical business practices of some water filter companies, but rather to compliment the folks who put the following article together which not only warns people about the possibility of scam artists in their area, but also gives people ways to access the most recent Annual Consumer Confidence Report for their local water company.

Residents in Auburn and Opelika are currently being contacted by private companies offering to provide free water testing services. These companies are not affiliated with any local government or water provider. These companies offer the free water testing services in an effort to persuade residents to purchase water treatment systems.

The Water Works Board of the City of Auburn (AWWB) and Opelika Utilities provide water service in the Auburn and Opelika area. The water provided to residents in Auburn and Opelika is safe to drink and does not require additional treatment. Additionally, the water provided to residents in Auburn and Opelika is tested on a routine basis and meets all state and federal water quality standards. Water quality information presented in the Annual Consumer Confidence Report for the AWWB can be found at www.auburnalabama.org/wrm-water under the Annual Reports tab. Water quality information presented in the Annual Water Quality Report for Opelika Utilities can be found at www.owwb.com under the Water Quality Report tab.

For more information regarding water quality in Auburn, please contact the Water Resource Management Department at 334-501-3060. For more information regarding water quality in Opelika, please contact Opelika Utilities at 334-705-5500. ( source )

It does not matter where you live. If some stranger shows up on your doorstep claiming to represent the local Health department or your local water company and they don’t seem to have proper credentials, call the police immediately and do NOT allow them entry to your home.

Legitimate parties will remain at your door until the officers arrive. Scam artists and phonies will high tail it out of your yard in a heartbeat.

In-Home water test demonstrations?

First of all, remember that the person, hopefully from a reputable water treatment system company, coming out to your home had one goal in mind: To sell you a water filter system. In other words, they don’t make any money if you don’t buy a water filter system.

With that said, we suggest you do a little prep work before your appointment with the rep from the water filter company:

1) If on city or tap water, request and read the Consumer Confidence Report issued by your local water company.

2) Pick up an at-home water test kit such as the WaterSafe City or Water Quality Test Kit made by SenSafe and test your own water for a few basic parameters.

Arming yourself with a little bit of knowledge before the water filter company’s representative starts bombarding you with ‘facts and figures’ that may or not have a basis in reality may allow you to quickly determine whether or not the person has come to your home to blind you with BS so they can sell you a water filter — regardless of your actual, real water quality needs.

Filter Water: Water Quality Test Kit
Water Quality Test Kit

Filter Water: WaterSafe Well Water Test Kit
WaterSafe Well Water Test Kit

Filter Water: WaterSafe City Test Kit
WaterSafe City Test Kit