Today’s question came to us from ‘Yulia’ who asked, “hello… i found out that some babyes formulas that has a brown rice syrup are contains a high level of arsenic… is there any of your products i can use to identify the level of arsenic for my baby?or it is for water only? Thanks”

Arsenic Quick Test Kits
Arsenic Quick Test Kits

Thank you for contacting the Water Testing Blog, Yulia. We know that the Arsenic Quick Test Kit can test for dissolved arsenic in wood (wood shavings/chips in water) since the test pad itself does not actually get immersed in the sample. Therefore we suspect that one could use the test kit on pretty much any ‘liquid’ — sort of.

Hypothetically, if one performed a test on the same amount (i.e. mass or weight) of formula as called out for wood in the test procedure for testing arsenic levels in wood, then logically the results obtained ought to have some level of validity.

Keep in mind, though, that deviating from ANY test procedure inherently introduces elements of inaccuracy when it comes to the test’s results… and therefore one should take ‘positive’ results as a sign that additional (i.e. laboratory) testing should get performed using methodology specifically designed for the testing of dissolved arsenic levels in food substances.

Arsenic Quick - 5 Tests
Arsenic Quick – 5 Tests

Arsenic Quick - Wood
Arsenic Quick – Wood

Arsenic Low-Range Quick - 2 Tests
Arsenic Low-Range Quick – 2 Tests