Recently we received an inquiry from 'Rebecca' who asked, "Hello, I was wondering if there are any test available to check for asbestos in well water? Thanks,"

At this time we do not know of an at-home water test kit for detecting asbestos levels in drinking water.  Therefore suspect such testing would need to get carried out in a laboratory environment using more sophisticated testing methods.

A Few Quick Facts About Asbestos in Drinking Water

  • Asbestos occurs naturally in the environment as a fibrous mineral.
  • The heat resistance capabilities of asbestos make it very useful for a number of common products such as brake pads, protective gear for people working in high heat environments, and roofing materials.
  • You may even find asbestos impregnated in cement piping used to transport water from distribution sites to customers' homes.
  • Asbestos contamination in water gets measured as 'fibers per liter' and the contamination action limit for asbestos in drinking water is 7 MFL (million fibers per liter).
  • Water treatment facilities bust notify their customers if routine sampling reveals greater than 7 MFL asbestos in the water they distribute.
  • For more detailed information on asbestos and asbestos in water, we suggest visiting the USEPA Water Web Site.