Today’s inquiry came to use from ‘Leena’ who had a question about the Austin Springs Undercounter Water Filter. Leena ask, “Hi, I read you use the Austin Springs filters in your showers and in the kitchen. Showers look easy but what about the undercounter model? Was it hard to put in? Thanks, Leena.

Austin Springs Undercounter Water Filter
Austin Springs
Undercounter Water Filter

One of the biggest obstacles many people face when considering a water filter deals with their fear of the installation process. Most people simply do not see themselves lying under the sink getting soaking wet and messing around with foreign or strange tools as they fumble their way through installing a water filter.

Thankfully, Leena, times have changed since times like those and installing a water filter does not have to take all day or require a master plumber with years of experience.

Most relatively new homes have straightforward, easy to follow plumbing lines under the sink with shutoff valves on incoming cold water and hot water lines so hooking up basic undercounter water filters usually does not require the assistance of a professional.

So… Have you installed one yourself?

As a matter of fact, yes, we have. We installed one of the Austin Springs Undercounter Water Filters (Brushed Nickel Finish) under our kitchen sink… and the difference in water quality between water from the regular faucet and the filtered faucet blew us away.

Why did you install a water filter?

We knew that we had fluctuating levels of chlorine in our regular tap water (chlorine testing told us that) and found our water tolerable all the time, but not necessarily likable all the time.

Austin Springs Shower Filters
Austin Springs
Shower Filters

Regular testing of our tap water’s pH and Alkalinity also revealed substantial fluctuations (which we corrected in our showers by installing Austin Springs Shower Filters) so we figured it wise to normalize those for our drinking water, as well.

As we said before, and will say over and over again, testing your water prior to selecting a water filter will keep you from possibly choosing the wrong filter for the job… and THEN imagine the aggravation you’d feel after installing a water filter — REGARDLESS of how easily the filter installed!

So… Was installation of the Austin Springs unit easy?

We live in a relatively new home so we encountered no problems whatsoever. The Austin Springs Countertop Water Filter came with easy-to-follow instructions and all the parts required (except for a pair of regular pliers) to get the job done.

Any problems installing the Austin Springs unit?

The filter and accompanying faucet gave us no troubles… but getting around the garbage disposal during the installation process did prove a bit tricky. We can’t blame that on Austin Springs, though!

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