We received a second inquiry from ‘Michael’ regarding an indoor swimming pool, ORP readings and Taylor Test Kit readings. Details of the email below:

Should a pool be checked daily using The Taylor Kit and Chemtrol unit , while the pool is closed because of a chemical imbalance reading from the Chemtrol unit? The ORP reading was (456), 7.4 Ph, the Taylor Kit reading was .5/? 7.2 Ph Or should we wait a day or so and then check the chlorine levels again and hope the chemical levels have risen back to normal.

Thank you for your service and time, it is greatly appreciated.

First things first: We don’t know of ANYplace where daily testing, if not HOURLY testing, of pool water quality does not get mandated by the local health department… so your question about whether or not you should test water quality daily kind of confuses us.

Regarding the readings taken by the ‘Chemtrol’ unit, we would always suggest performing periodic manual testing just to make sure the sensors in the automatic unit have not gone out of calibration. Chemical dispensing units rely upon the readings taken by the automatic sensors to help them determine how much sanitizer or other water balancing chemical to add. Therefore, keeping an eye on the automatic sensors’ accuracy makes a whole lot of sense!

Waiting a day for levels to stabilize?

Depending upon the strength and efficiency of the pool’s circulation system, you may not have to wait an entire day. As a general rule you can retest the quality of the pool water at any time, but it makes a lot more sense to retest after the water has ‘turned over’ fully after setting the chemical feeder’s levels and/or adding chemicals.

Calcium Hypochlorite Feeder w/ Electronic Controller
Calcium Hypochlorite Feeder w/ Elec Controller

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pH Automatic Feed System w/ 15 Gallon Tank