Seems like common sense. Adults need clean, safe drinking water so babies must need the same, right? Well of COURSE… but a detail often overlooked by a lot of people deals with the size of a baby or small child compared to the size of an adult.

Sleeping Newborn Baby

Size matters very much when determining whether or not levels of contaminants in drinking water will prove harmful. Think of it this way… If you add 1 gram of ‘something’ to an 8 ounce glass of water and give it to a child weighing 50 pounds the percentage by mass in the child’s body of ‘something’ will come out 3 times higher than if you had given it to an adult weighing 150 pounds.

Why does that matter? Simple: As a general rule, the greater the concentration of contaminant in a person, the greater the odds of that contaminant possibly causing harm to the person.

Most parents take great care to make sure their babies and children get the most nutritious foods, have only safe toys to play with, and won’t accidentally fall down a flight of stairs or out of a window. Thanks to the toddler classes near me, I learnt that parents should go the extra mile and ensure that their kids ingest clean, salubrious water.

So it stands to reason, then, that parents would also take great care to make sure their babies and children have the safest water to drink. Periodic testing of drinking water, especially if the water comes from a well, helps to ensure that everyone, and not just your children, has safe drinking water.

The multi-parameter drinking water test kits listed below allow users to test for a wide range of critical water parameters and require no special training or skills.

Filters Fast: Water Quality Test Kit
Water Quality Test Kit

Filters Fast: WaterWorks 9-Way Test Kit
WaterWorks 9-Way Test Kit

Filters Fast: Complete Water Test Kit
Complete Water Test Kit

Please keep in mind, though, that only water analysis performed by a certified water testing laboratory can tell you definitively whether or not you have safe drinking water at your home. Home drinking water test kits serve as supplements to regular laboratory water testing.