Bath Water Dechlorinator

Not everyone has the luxury of a Whole House Water Filtration System in their home so devices such as shower filters can do a whole lot to reduce the amount of chlorine, hardness and other unwanted impurities in a person’s shower water.

OK, fine… but what if you want to take a bath? Does anyone make a safe and easy-to-use product to remove chlorine from bath water as well?

Of course they do! The Rainshow’r Bath Ball works perfectly for those who want to enjoy a leisurely bath in water free of chlorine. Simply swish the ball in the water for 2 minutes after drawing a nice, hot bath or place the ball directly under the faucet while letting the bath water run.

A few advantages of Rainshow’r Bath Ball:

  • The crystal ball for the bath requires no plumbing attachment
  • Compact dechlorination device works right in the tub
  • Removes 90% or more of total chlorine for healthier bath water

Filter Water: Crystal Ball Bath Water Dechlorinator
Crystal Ball Bath Water Dechlorinator

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Crystal Ball Replacement Bags