A common myth that we feel obligated to put to rest deals with boil water advisories. For some reason a select number of individuals actually believe a city or municipality would wantonly issue a boil water advisory… for no good reason.

Those people, in our opinion, need to keep their opinions to themselves… and feel free to drink as much unboiled water during a boil water advisory as they would like. Just don’t expect us to feel sorry for them when a glassful of parasites decides to take up residence in their digestive tracts.

Think about it. What government body or agency would REALLY want to deal with the general public calling non-stop asking questions about the safety of its water when a boil water advisory gets issued? Also, can you imagine the paperwork and follow-up paperwork that a municipal water department has to do as a result of a boil water advisory?

Trojan UVMAX Pro Series UV Water Treatment Systems
Trojan UVMAX Pro Series
UV Water Treatment Systems

So please, people… if you hear that a boil water advisory has gone into effect, please do as it says. The inconvenience you experience for a few hours or a few days will definitely beat spending a few days in the hospital as doctors scramble to purge your body of vermin.

Want to get rid of potentially harmful bacteria in your drinking water?

We suggest taking a look the benefits offered by an ultraviolet water purification system. Using a specific wavelength of ultraviolet light these systems have the ability to kill or render harmless virtually 99% of bacteria in water… without the need for harmful chemicals.

For those interested in ultraviolet water purification systems that have tested and certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 55 for Ultraviolet Microbiological Water Treatment Systems, the Trojan UVMAX Pro10, Trojan UVMAX Pro20 and Trojan UVMAX Pro30 UltraViolet Disinfection Systems available at WaterFilters.Net have certified to that standard.