EZ Coliform Cult Bacteria Test Kit

Local officials in an area near the city of Columbia, SC announced recently that residents living in and around the Allbene Park area should boil their water before use…

… and by use they mean for drinking, cooking, as ice, or as a wash solution for food or anything that will come in contact with food.

The reason for the alert: a water main broke and when that happens unwanted bacteria could possibly find their way into the water supply.

Residents of the Allbene Park subdivision in the Hopkins area of Richland County were advised Tuesday to boil their water before drinking or cooking with it.

A break in a water line caused a loss of pressure to Allbene Park residents, the Richland County Utilities Department said Tuesday afternoon. That prompted the advisory, which the department described as a precautionary measure that will remain in effect until further notice.

Residents are instructed to boil water for at least one minute, the department said. In addition, any ice made from water that has not been boiled should be discarded.

Questions may be directed to the department at (803) 401-0050.

Vicinity of Allbene Park. ( source )

Not in the Allbene Park area and want to test your water supply for bacteria anyways? Take a look at the WaterWorks EZ Coliform Test Kit. It allows users to obtain positive/negative test results for bacterial contamination down to the EPA limit of 1 coliform unit per 100 mL of sample.

Need to confirm the presence of coliform bacteria?

Simply shine a UV light source at, or add a Kovacs reagent to, the sample tested using a WaterWorks EZ Coliform Test Kit and that can happen.

WaterFilters.Net: NVF-4 Handheld UV Light
NVF-4 Handheld UV Light

The NVF-4 Handheld UV Light on the left acts as a bright and powerful UV light source, excellent for use with either the WaterWorks EZ Coliform Test Kit or the SenSafe Complete Water Test Kit which includes an EZ Coliform Test Kit.

If the sample gives off fluorescence when exposed to UV light it contains E. Coli.