Today’s question deals with water quality when traveling outside of the United States. ‘Amandee33’ asked, “My husband and I plan to travel abroad in the Spring and we get mixed messages from people, even our travel agent!, when it comes to the safety of water in the places we want to go. WE can just use bottles water right and be OK?”

Thanks for your inquiry, Amandee, and you have asked a VERY good question… that has somewhat of a confusing answer.

Should you rely on bottled water? In our experience bottled water presents itself as a great option for drinking and the brushing of one’s teeth BUT you must use caution when selecting a brand of bottled water.

Not all brands of bottled water go through the same filtration and some come from local water supplies (i.e. tap water) that may contain unwanted local contaminants. Therefore we suggest that you choose your bottled water brand carefully, avoid fresh fruits, and avoid ice cubes.

One last thing…

With so many travel web sites out there that go into ridiculous amounts of detail regarding hotel and resort amenities, perhaps you can find reviews/postings from previous visitors that discuss the water quality at the places you intend to stay?