Very recently we received an email from ‘Julio N.’ requesting immediate assistance with a water quality situation that may have resulted from Hurricane Irene. Although we won’t reveal his email to the general public (to keep the poor guy from getting spammed to death), something in it made us believe he hails from an area in the Caribbean.

If anyone thinks they have a legitimate offer of assistance to make this fellow, please fill out our online form and we will forward your information along to him.

We need and URGENT quote on 150,000 Doulton W9361122
SS-2 Gravity fet filter system.

Many thanks for response ASAP.

Best regards.

Julio N.

As of right now we know of two companies that carry the Doulton W9361122, SS-2 Gravity Fed Water Filter: Filters Fast ( and Water Filters (

We seriously doubt, though, that either of those companies — or any distribution company has 150,000 units readily available. Therefore, it may make sense for you to contact a representative of the company that manufactures the Doulton SS2:

Doulton 7″ Super Sterasyl
Ceramic Filter

Doulton Super Sterasyl
Ceramic Filter Candle 10

Doulton HIP/DIY
UltraCarb Filter System