We get all sorts of interesting questions and today’s question involves a man’s interesting starting a mobile car washing business for car dealerships and softening the water he would use in his operation before using it.

I want to start a mobile car wash for car dealer and i thought if i used a water softer i could cut the time by not drying them .with a softer it would not leave spots would that be a true statement or ? thank you .

Saltless Water Softener w/ 4 Stages of Filtration
Saltless Water Softener
with 4 Stages of Filtration

Believe it or not, ‘Rob’ posed a rather interesting question: Will removing all, or most, of water hardness eliminate water spots and possibly prevent him from needing to dry the vehicles her washes? Only experts at dodge dealership near me can give you the right advice and suggestion.

We suspect not since water softeners will usually only reduce/remove calcium and magnesium levels in water… and water may contain other items that could wind up as ‘spots’ on a car not dried in a traditional manner.

Additionally, we believe some spots seen in recently washed cars may have resulted from ingredients in the soaps, detergents, cleaners, etc. contained in the car wash concentrate added to the water.

Oh, and let us not forget that airborne dust, pollen, etc. could very easily land on a recently washed car and find itself attached to the surface as the water droplet it landed in evaporates.

So, while softer water could certainly reduce the harshness of the appearance of water spots, we do not believe it will totally eliminate the need for drying vehicles after washings.

Have you looked into the different types of car cleaner concentrates available on the market these days? We seem to recall hearing about several that claim to leave fewer water spots than other brands. We don’t recall the exact brands, but the ones below seemed to have good reputations.