Today we received an email from Midori of The Nature Conservancy, an organization dedicated to restoring areas of the world back to the way Nature created them, requesting that we post an article on this site promoting their ‘Give the Gift of Clean Water‘ promotion this Holiday Season.

At first we had our doubts about legitimacy of the request but after talking with a friend who did his undergraduate internship with the organization, we find ourselves compelled to at least mention their program to our readers.

“For the holidays this year we’re promoting the idea of giving gifts of nature and if you order Give the Gift of Clean Water from our Holiday Gift Guide, you’ll be helping to insure fresh drinking water in over 30 countries. In 500+ freshwater project sites, The Nature Conservancy is working to restore rivers that have been altered and clean up lakes and wetlands that have been fouled by toxic runoff.”

The Nature Conservancy has a number of other great, green gift ideas for folks to consider this year, too, including ways to adopt mountain ranges, save endangered reefs, provide care for threatened species like jaguars, provide safe habitats for rhinos and orangutans, support efforts to repopulate the rainforests, etc.

If you have considered donating to a charity this year, but have not, yet, decided on one, we highly suggest taking a look at all the worthwhile, Earth-friendly charitable causes The Nature Conservancy supports in its Holiday Gift Guide.

Want to learn more about The Nature Conservancy? Take a look at the The Nature Conservancy ‘About Us’ Page.