Today’s question came to use from ‘Ann’ who asked about testing for free chlorine residual levels at or above 800 ppm.

Ann asked, “Hi. I work in the food and beverage industry and our our most recent health inspector told us we need to have a way to test for 800ppm or greater free chlorine residual in our washing solutions. Do you carry anything for that? I saw the ones that go up to 120ppm but I need higher. Thanks.”

Well, Ann, we do actually carry a product for testing higher concentrations of free chlorine in water: Free Chlorine Check Ultra High Range II tests up to 2,000ppm free chlorine and does so in about a minute.

Below you will find the color chart for the :

Free Chlorine Check Ultra High Range II
Color Chart for Free Chlorine Check Ultra High Range II

As you can see, this high range free chlorine test strip product has a low detection level of 25ppm and a high detection level of 2,000ppm.

What’s the deal w/ the sanitizing & disinfection solution labels?

The manufacturer’s of this product, Industrial Test Systems, originally created this product to meet a need in North Carolina. Because of several unfortunate incidents where young children in daycare and childcare facilities came in contact with disinfecting and/or sanitizing solutions mixed way too strong, laws were enacted that required licensed daycare and childcare facilities in North Carolina to test the concentrations of their ‘bleach water’ on a daily basis.

Childcare and daycare facilities in North Carolina have authorization to use the Free Chlorine Check Ultra High Range II test strip product for the purpose of testing disinfecting and sanitizing solutions.

Note: Different states have different laws governing what constitutes a properly mixed sanitizing or disinfecting solution and different industries will also have different requirements. Check with your local health department or health inspector before deciding on the concentrations you will use!

Looking for the “The Childcare Kit – Part No: 480124-3K” ?

If so, then you already know it includes the following…

  • (3) Bottles of 100 Tests… for a Total of 300 Tests
  • (1) Tablespoon Measuring Tool
  • (1) 1/4 Cup Measuring Tool
  • (1) Sanitizer Preparation Method

… and you can purchase The Childcare Kit – Part No: 480124-3K in the Water Test Kit Store.