It seems that no matter how many times we say this, we will always have to repeat ourselves in the future. WaterTestingBlog.Com does not carry or sell products of any kind.

We can, however, point people like S. J. Ashton from the UK in directions that will help them locate the water testing and/or water filtration products they need. In this case, S. J. inquired about chlorine testing product currently available in the United Kingdom…

Dear Sirs, I wish to know if your “chlorine” testing products are available in the UK, yours faithfully, S. J. Ashton

As a general rule, pretty much any of the chlorine testing products discussed on any post on the Water Testing Blog can get purchased in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, and Australia. We have seen web sites for companies offering water testing products in other countries, but we have never attempted to check their offerings.

eXact Chlorine Photometer
EPA Compliant Chlorine Testing Meter
Uses No Powders, Liquids or Tablets

Getting back to S.J’s inquiry, Although we do not know if the makers of SenSafe Water Test Kits still have a branch office in the United Kingdom, we do know that they did at one point and that their US-based office used to provide International customers with the names of distributors of their products in other countries.

Additionally, a simple search on Google “Shopping” for chlorine testing products in the UK ought to turn up useful results. Most of the larger online water testing product distributors would probably have no problem shipping your order overseas… but you will more than likely have to pay a bit extra for the shipping charges.

Chlorine test kit web sites that you may find useful…