Whether you need a basic test kit for chlorine & pH, a set of easy-to-use chlorine test strips, or an electronic chlorine testing meter, you will find the product to suit your testing needs on ChlorineTests.Com.

You can also find replacement reagents for several different chlorine test kits on ChlorineTests.Com, which naturally means you will find DPD tablets on the site for sure.

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Chlorine Test Kits: Liquid

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Chlorine Test Strips

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Chlorine testing Meters

And now for a few basic chlorine testing facts:

  • Test kits containing only OTO as their chlorine testing reagent will test for total chlorine only.
  • Free chlorine testing requires DPD-1. Adding DPD-3 to the sample after adding DPD-1 allows a person to test for total chlorine.
  • The USEPA has set the maximum contaminant level for chlorine in drinking water at 4.0ppm. This limit applies to both free chlorine levels and total chlorine levels.
  • When testing for parameters other than chlorine, some test kits will require the use of chlorine eliminating agents such as sodium thiosulfate before testing can take place.
  • Water containing the same amount of total chlorine as it does has very little or no free chlorine.

  • The difference between the free chlorine level and the total chlorine level equals the chloramine concentration.