We have repeatedly posted information about arsenic remediation systems for residential and small commercial applications, but what about the ‘big boys/girls’ who have arsenic in their water? What about them?

Fear not, because we recently learned that Filter Water a leading retailer of water testing, water filtration and drinking water contaminant elimination equipment has started carrying a line of arsenic removal filters designed specifically for customers whose water requirements range from 15 to 288 gallons per minute (GPM).

A few words about arsenic levels

Based upon a standard dating back to 1942, the USEPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) enacted legislation that required water systems to make sure arsenic levels did not exceed 50 ppb (parts per billion). More recently, however, health experts and other professionals questioned the safety of water containing 50 ppb dissolved arsenic and in 2001 the USEPA dropped the maximum contaminant level for arsenic in drinking water to 10 ppb.

The debate over what defines a ‘safe’ arsenic level in drinking water will come up again, most likely, because some health officials warn that levels above 3 ppb pose a credible danger to humans.

Need to test for arsenic in water?

For most field/home water testing applications the Arsenic Quick line of water test kits work very well. They have the shorter testing times, safer reagents and greater detection ranges than any comparable test kit on the market.

For information on these kits, visit ArsenicQuick.Com and/or Arsenic-Test-Kit.Com

Filter Water: Arsenic Quick Mini
Arsenic Quick, 2 Tests

Filter Water: Arsenic Quick II Mini
Arsenic Quick II, 2 Tests

Filter Water: Arsenic Quick
Arsenic Quick, 100 Tests