We recently received an email from Martin in Miami and he asked,

I grew up in a household that had absolutely awesome drinking water and like so many young people I never really thought about WHY the water tasted… great.

Well now that I have left the nest (as my Mom puts it) and struck out on my own, I can honestly say that the water in my apartment SUCKS. Most days it smells like a diseased pool filter! And the taste? Let’s not even go there! I stopped drinking it the very first day I moved in!

So anyways, I called the apartment complex manager and she told me “nothing’s wrong with the water. It’s city water and the city tests it. There’s nothing we can or need to do.” More like nothing they WILL do, but anyways…

Oh, and in my lease it blatantly says I cannot install any sort of ‘plumbing fixtures’ or in any other way ‘install appliances or devices which require modification of existing fixtures’…. whatever the Hell THAT means.

My Dad told me they have a reverse osmosis water filter at the house and now my question (finally) is this: Since I can’t tamper with any of the plumbing at my place, do they make any reverse osmosis filters that I can hook up to my faucet so I won’t have to risk violating my lease? I’ve seen tons of other types of counter top filters… but so far no reverse osmosis filters.

Hope you can help!

Martin (Miami, FL)

Wow. That sounds like some pretty rank water, Martin. Definitely get that water tested and find out exactly what’s causing it to taste and smell like that. The majority of us here at Water Testing Blog have worked on pool filters and know very well the stench that can breed in those things. Yuck!

Countertop Reverse Osmosis System

Once you know what problems you need to fix, THEN go about selecting a water treatment system. You may not need to invest in something as serious as a reverse osmosis system and get the results you desire. A simpler, less expensive drinking water filter might do everything you need!

But, since you DID ask us a direct question, we suppose we ought to address the matter of, “Do they make countertop reverse osmosis systems?”

Yes, Martin, they certainly do. A well-known web site ( WaterFilters.Net ) carries a counter top reverse osmosis system that apparently requires no tools to install, has a holding tank, and works just as well as reverse osmosis systems installed under the sink.

Although we have never used this product, we found two reviews of the RC540T50-T Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System and both used the terms “Clean Taste, Durable, Easy To Install, Long Lasting Filter” and both said they would recommend the system to a friend.

  • “I have had one of these systems for ten years. It is outstanding! It delivers clean great tasting water.” — Mary from Tampa, FL

  • “I got this system for my mother who lives in a senior housing facility. She wanted filtered water and didn’t want to mess things up under the sink. So we ordered this unit. It’s a bit bulky, but it has to be because it houses four standard filters and has storage for 5 liters of water. Access to the filters is by removing four screws on the sides. The filters are easy to change because they have quick connect fittings. Very easy to install too. We had it up and running in 10 min. This system is equivalent to my own home system which is an undersink four stage RO system. Very pleased.” — Surfer Joe from Nipomo, CA

Just remember, though, that having your water tested by a certified water testing laboratory before purchasing a water filter system of ANY kind might save you money and could save your life.