Recently people have started asking if we knew of any devices that could produce water of the same caliber as water from a Brita Water Pitcher, 3M Filtrete Filter Pitcher or a Culligan Water Pitcher Filter… but in greater quantities.

After a bit of searching we came across a product called the Cuisinart CleanWater Countertop Water Filter (WCH-1500NBC) which uses pretty much the same water filtration technologies as the three pitcher filters mentioned above, but holds 2.0 gallons of water at a time.

Dispensing water at a cool 44 degrees Fahrenheit and also at room temperature, this versatile and convenient counter top water filter holds plenty of water for the entire family… and as soon as the water level drops, simply flip up the top and pour new water through the Cuisinart GF-80 which reduces/removes a number of unwanted drinking water contaminants including Chlorine, Mercury, Cadmium, Lead, Copper, Volatile Organic Compounds (i.e. Benzene and Tetrachloroethylene and Toluene), dirt, sediment, rust, and others.

Depending upon the quality of your source or tap water, the filter in the Cuisinart CleanWater Countertop Water Filter should get changed once every 3 months, or approximately 80 gallons. For more contaminated water, the filter should get changed when tastes and/or odors return to the water when consumed. A reduction in the flow of water through the filter also serves as an indicator that the filter needs changing.

Cost of replacement filters?

A valid concern of many people considering purchasing a water filtration system of ANY kind… How much will replacement filters cost. In the case of the Cuisinart CleanWater Countertop Water Filter, which uses an easily replaced Cuisinart GF-80 Filter, which typically costs less than $20, that concern vanishes in an instant.

Do they make a bigger model?

For those of you with large families, or a very thirsty family, Cuisinart also makes a 2 Gallon CleanWater Countertop Water Filter which, of course, uses the same easily replaced and quite affordable Cuisinart GF-80 Filter.

Total Chlorine Test Strips
Test for Chlorine in Water

Mercury Test Strips
Test for Mercury in Water

Total Copper Test Strips
Test for Copper in Water