As of January 1, 2006, all daycare centers in the State of North Carolina must have the ability to test the chlorine content in both their sanitizing and disinfecting solutions. Previously the law stated that they had to test only the chlorine concentration in their sanitizing solutions.

Child Care Test Strips

Chlorine concentrations in disinfecting solutions have to fall between 500 ppm and 800 ppm free chlorine and the test strips previously used by child care and daycare facilities only had to read free chlorine concentrations in the range of 50 ppm free chlorine to 200 ppm free chlorine.

The daycare/childcare kit containing Free Chlorine Check Ultra High II test strips directly satisfies the requirements and you can now purchase the product online at FilterWater.Com.

Waterworks(TM) Free Chlorine Check Ultra High II from has an easy-to-read color chart with acceptable chlorine concentration levels and instructions for mixing BOTH chlorine solutions clearly marked on each bottle.

To make life even easier on daycare and child care center operators, they can pick up a Childcare/Daycare Kit which includes (3) bottles of their North Carolina Licensed Child Care Association approved test strips, quarter cup and tablespoon measuring devices (for proper on-site metering of the bleach), and a copy of the procedures North Carolina wants child care workers to follow when mixing their sanitizing and disinfection solutions.

north carolina childcare kit

You can purchase the Childcare Sanitizer/Disinfectant Test Kit online at FilterWater.Com.