RALEIGH, NC – A day care worker was arrested Wednesday night and accused of leaving a 1-year-old in bleach.

Shannon Rae Duncan Carter, 27, of 4220 Hunnicutt Drive was charged by Raleigh police with a misdemeanor count of child abuse.

Carter was working at the Beacon Christian School at 3933 New Bern Ave. on April 20 when she was changing a 1-year-old girl, said Jim Sughrue, spokesman for the Raleigh Police Department.

The changing table had a bleach mixture on it, and the infant’s clothes became damp with the bleach, Sughrue said.

Police think Carter left the clothes on the child. The baby’s parents noticed that the color had seeped out of the clothes and the bleach caused a minor irritation on the baby’s arm. Carter declined to comment when reached Thursday evening.

Source: Story obtained from North Carolina Licensed Child Care Association web site on April 16, 2008

Why Did We Post This?

This tragic event should NEVER have happened. If workers at that facililty had followed the guidelines set forth by the North Carolina. . .

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