If you find yourself reading this Water Testing Blog entry, then you have joined the millions of other people who have asked the question, “How can I test my drinking water at home?”

Basic Drinking Water Test Kit Options:

  • Visual drinking water testing methods such as simple, easy-to-use test strips whose test areas get compared to a pre-printed color chart to determine test results.
  • Visual drinking water testing methods such as color comparators which require the user to add  a reagent to a sample and then compare the color of their test sample to those of pre-packaged color standards to determine test results.
  • Electronic water testing devices for drinking water which require the user to calibrate their colorimeter with a ‘blank’ sample, add a reagent to a test sample, and take a reading of the test sample.

So… Which type of do-iy-yourself drinking water test kit does the best job? Depends on who you ask! As alwaysm though, if you suspect a serious health risk or that your water may contain dangerous amounts of chemicals, you should seek the advice of a Certified Water Testing Professional right away.

At-home drinking water test kits should NEVER take the place of professional water testing services when your health is on the line. It’s your water, your health… and your LIFE.