If you don’t like the idea of filling our landfills with plastic water bottles used to package bottled water, don’t want to install a drinking water filtration system in your kitchen, or have such bad source water that most drinking water filtration systems would require too much maintenance (a very real problem for some people!)… a device called the DewPointe AD6W Water Generator may have the drinking water solution you seek.

DewPointe AD6W Atmospheric Water System
DewPointe AD6W Water Generator
Pulls Fresh Water From the Air

We’d heard about water generators that pull water right out of the air but until recently we had not found a whole lot of information worth relaying to our readers. Today, however, we’d like to take a few minutes to discuss some of the features of the DewPointe AD6W Water Generator, a CE, ETL, ISO-9000, WQA, ROHRS, and FDA certified atmospheric water system.

Scientists estimate that our planet’s atmosphere holds approximately 3.1 quadrillion gallons of water at any given moment. Additionally, this amount does not, as far as current scientific methods can tell, ever seem to change all that much.

What does that mean? In simple terms, we have a gigantic supply of fresh water all around us pretty much all the time — and devices such as the DewPointe AD6W Water Generator make it possible for the average home or business owner to extract water from the air and quickly make it suitable for human consumption.

About the size of a small office water cooler, the unit condenses moisture from the air and filters collected water using something called a Four Stage SLO FLO water filtration system with patented continual water recirculation filtration system. Below you will find a quick explanation of how the DewPointe Atmospheric Water Generator operates.

  • An electrostatic air filter removes dust, pollen, mold and other airborne contaminants (solids) as air enters the unit.
  • A cooling unit quickly chills the air to the dew point — the point at which water changes phases from a gas to a liquid — and a collection tray harvest the condensate.
  • The water then passes through a sediment filter, pre-carbon block filtration and post-carbon block filtration.
  • To render harmless any waterborne bacteria, microorganisms and/or bacteria, the AD6W uses a powerful 11-watt UV light source.

  • The filtered water then gets routed to hot and cold water storage tanks.

Worried about having another appliance drawing power, adding to your utility bill, and possibly resulting in a large added expense? Well don’t. According to the device’s manufacturers, the unit will produce a gallon of pure drinking water at a cost of around 60 cents per gallon. That means you’ll spend quite a bit less money on bottled water products AND not have to deal with disposable water bottles ever again.

What if we don’t use all the water in the unit? Won’t it spoil?

Not according what we’ve read so far. The unit apparently contains a built-in (patented) refresh cycle that forces any water in the unit to get re-filtered every 24 hours.

How much water will the AD6W produce?

According to product literature, at 70 F and 60% relative humidity, the DewPointe will create more than 4 gallons of pure water each day.

At 85 F and 80% humidity, the Dewpointe will produce more than 9 gallons of purified drinking water each day.

In most areas the unit will produce an average between 2 and 5 gallons of clean drinking water a day.

Difficult to install or set up?

Not at all. Simply plug the unit into a standard 110 V electrical outlet and within 24 hours the DewPointe will have its reservoirs filled with pure drinking water.

How will this device affect the environment?

On this point we think the following quoted material does a pretty good job of describing the unit’s environmental footprint:

“The DewPointe is environmentally friendly and uses less energy to produce water than standard bottling or desalination processes and it eliminates plastic bottle waste. The DewPointe also reduces carbon emissions caused by the transportation and production of bottled and packaged water. It uses a completely renewable source of water without depleting natural resources or damaging the environment. ( source )

Oh, but you still want the convenience of having bottled water with you at all times… Not a problem! Several companies manufacture reusable water bottles (in a variety of shapes, colors, capacities, materials, etc.) that you can use over and over again without ever worrying about contributing to the billions of water bottles currently clogging our landfills.