We recently got an email from a person who finds our site lousy, said it has no value, etc. This same person called our contact form a pain in the rear and THEN went ahead and asked us a question anyways…

   Why did they contact us?

I have a Environmental EP pruducts water filter and need new filters and membrane for it?

   And finally, what did they have to say?

This is a pain in my rear i just want to know if you care the filters.

As tempting as posting the person’s email sounds, our mothers raised us not pass judgment on rude people who don’t bother to do their homework before asking a question. So therefore, rather than humiliate this person by saying, “Hey, do you see a shopping cart on our site? No? Well then we clearly don’t carry (spelled correctly) any products (also spelled correctly) on this site.”

We would never dream of saying such a thing. Nope. Not us. Not out loud, at least. 😉

But anyways, we have not heard of that particular brand of filters and a quick Google search turned up no results of note. We suggest contacting the company from which you purchased the filter system for guidance. If they have gone out of business or otherwise dropped off the face of the planet, we can tell you from experience that tracking down odd-sized filter membranes can take a long time and sometimes the cost to replace unusual or rare filters runs quite high.

We suggest contacting the folks over at FiltersFast.Com (1-866-438-3458) or WaterFilters.Net (1-888-801-7873) with the dimensions and specifications of the filter you have and asking them if they can recommend a suitable replacement.

We wish you the best of luck locating your filters, and thank you for visiting our site.

For anyone else looking for a replacement water filter element, perhaps the following list of water filter manufacturers will help? We hope so!

Amana Water Filters

American Plumber

Ametek Filters

Aqua-Pure Filters

Brita Water Filters

Culligan Filters

CUNO Water Factory

Doulton Water Filters

Everpure Filters

Frigidaire Filters

GE Water Filters

InstaPure Filters

Jenn-Air Filters

Katadyn Filters

Kenmore Filters

KitchenAid Filters

KX Matrikx Filters

Liquatec Water Filters

LG Water Filters

Maytag Water Filters

Omni Water Filters

Omnipure Filters

Pentek Water Filters

PUR Water Filters

Rusco Filters

Trojan UV

Samsung Filters

Sears Water Filters

US Filter Filters

Waterpik Filters

Whirlpool Filters