The public’s growing curiosity about reports of flammable drinking water, unexplainable spikes in VOC levels in drinking water, and science’s inability to definitively state whether hydraulic fracturing endangers the quality of ground water has resulted in the United States Environmental Agency announcing a plan to investigate the possible perils of fracking.

You can read/download the EPA’s plan of attack for investigating fracking on the EPA web site.

Does the EPA’s taking a look at the practice of fracking mean problems for the companies currently involved in that business? No, but it does mean someone may finally examine the procedures, equipment and techniques used to pump many millions of gallons of toxic chemicals and salt water through the heart of freshwater aquifers in an effort to extract natural gas.

Proponents claim hydraulic fracturing poses no risks an opponents claim it puts irreplaceable freshwater reserves in grave danger. Hopefully the EPA will shed some light on the topic for everyone.