After our last entry regarding allegations that an asphalt company submitted fake water samples we decided to explore the idea of ‘fake water’ and see what sort of interesting products we could find. Too much time on our hands? No, not really, but sometimes you just have to put aside ‘real work’ and have a little fun.

After a few minutes of digging (aka: trolling) through the Internet’s vast and oh-so-wonderful treasure chest of worthless goods and services we found Fake Water Puddles on a site called the Froggwear Halloween & Costume Blog, a web project that apparently specializes in Halloween paraphernalia and other costume-related items. See below for a picture of the Fake Water Puddles:

Fake Water Puddle for Pranks — found on FroggWear.Com/Halloween

Well there you have it, folks. Fake water that has a lot more use than the old, old joke about ‘powdered water, just add water’.