A recent article we found gives disturbing details about how the bottled water industry has had the option of doing business all these years. It scares us to think that bottled water companies have charged as much as they have for their product all these years and not really done all they could to protect us from fecal, apparently also spelled faecal, coliform.

FDA pushes for more stringent water testing

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is pushing more stringent testing standards for the bottled water industry in the US, saying companies will have to eliminate any causes of faecal contamination in water sources before they can bottle the water for sale.

The FDA’s new rules also require manufacturers to test source water for any forms of coliform (a group of bacteria that are mostly harmless), according to a copy of the rules scheduled to be posted in the Federal Register on Friday.

If coliform is found, manufacturers must also test for faecal contamination. Water that goes into bottles is already tested for coliform and faecal contamination, but the water source itself wasn’t previously required to be tested.

The new rules were proposed two years ago, and bring the FDA’s standards in line with that of the Environmental Protection Agency, which has federal oversight of tap water. The rules will go into effect on 1 December 2009.

The FDA notes that 70-75% of bottled water comes from the ground, or the same places where people receive tap water. The new rule also says bottled water producers must keep records of source water testing. ( source )

Sorry, but the fact that the bottled water industry has raked in BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars each year for so long and no one thought to make sure they observed what most would call ‘common sense’ water testing practices sounds like a criminal act to us.

At least someone has finally decided to ask questions and impose some rules that will help guarantee the public’s safety.

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