Today we’d like to address an issue often overlooked by folks looking to install a water filtration system: the quality of water coming out of the hot water tap or going into the washing machine, dishwasher, etc.

Pentek High Temperature Water Filter Housing (P/N 150015)
Pentek High Temperature
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Think of it this way: You don’t want water that contains potentially harmful contaminants in your drinking water or water that you cook with so… why would you want it in your bath/shower water or water used to clean your dishes?

At this time we’d like to point out that installing the correct whole house water filter system at the point of entry into one’s home — and therefore before the hot water tank — could certainly eliminate the need for a hot water filter.

Having said that, we’d also like to point out that some older hot water heaters may contribute to the contamination of the water they heat as their internal parts get older and begin to break down and/or corrode.

Types of filters for hot water lines?

For industrial applications where any number of potential water-based liquids need filtering companies make all sorts of highly specialized filters but for the average homeowner we have seen two basic types of hot water filters available: Carbon Block Filters remove chlorine, bad tastes, unpleasant odors and organic chemicals while Sediment filter out dissolved solids and other unwanted particulates.

How do I know if I should install a water filter?

You will never know for sure that you need a water filter, or what filter you should choose, until you have your water tested by a certified drinking water testing laboratory in your area or by a qualified mail-in water testing service such as National Testing Labs.