Filtrete Water Station by 3M
Filtrete Water Station by 3M

We received a very direct question from ‘HonestJr’ about a product we wrote about recently: The Filtrete Water Station manufactured by 3M.

“My question is regarding the Filtrete Water Station made by 3M. Does it remove fluoride from the water being filtered?”

Thank you for your question, Honestjr. As best we can tell from the information available online, the Filtrete system does NOT remove fluoride — but we suspected that even before beginning research.

Simple water filtration units will most often remove (or more likely reduce) chlorine levels to improve taste and odor of water — and not really do a whole lot more.

Reducing/removing fluoride requires technologies beyond simple GAC (granular activated carbon) filtration devices.

If you have serious concerns over fluoride in your drinking water you may want to consider taking a look at the following pages from our site, as they give more information about removing fluoride from drinking water.

We hope this helps. If not, please feel free to write back and we’ll do what we can to provide additional information!

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