We recently received an email from ‘Tyler’ who asked…

It looks like your Tester will test for Fluoride but on the actual page it doesn’t say that it Does? I specifically want a Device that measure Fluoride levels. Do you have this or does this 199$ machine do this?

This question, we believe, came in response to the following blog entry: EPA Compliant Chlorine Testing Meter

In that entry we mentioned that the eXact Micro 7+ Water Testing Meter has the ability to test for a number of things… including fluoride.

After checking the Filter Water page for the eXact Micro 7+ Water Testing Meter we also noticed that it did not specifically mention fluoride testing… EXCEPT in the final bullet point which reads, “Can test for 25 parameters: with use of test-specific reagents and conversion chart: Ammonia, Bromine, Chloride/Salt, Chlorine Dioxide, Chromium Hexavalent, Copper, Cyanuric Acid, Fluoride, Iodine, Iron, Low Range Total Hardness, Manganese, Nitrate, Nitrite, Ozone, Acid pH, Alkali pH, Potassium, Sulfate, Sulfide, and Turbidity.”

The kit, as sold, does not come with the reagents (Hach SPADNS replacements, to be exact!) to test for fluoride, but you can get them on the meter manufacturer’s web site: www.sensafe.com. Click on the word ‘fluoride’ in the list and it will take you to the exact (no pun intended) place on their site where you can order the product you need for approximately $13.

For instruction on how to use the meter for fluoride testing, please refer to page 18 of the eXact Micro 7+ Meter User’s Manual.