Today’s inquiry came to us from The United Arab Emirates and their inquiry dealt with DPD-1 (What is DPD?, the chemical reagent used to detect free chlorine in a water sample. Mohanad asked,

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Please could you quote a best price for: Chorine- DPD Free Reagent Qty:600 Pk, each pk containing 100 pillows

DPD-1 Test Tablets for Free Chlorine Testing

When testing for free chlorine most test methods use DPD-1 as the test reagent, though in the United States the USEPA has approved an alternate method (SenSafe Free Chlorine Water Check) for testing free chlorine levels in drinking water.

Where to Buy DPD-1 Test Reagents

We have found that online pool stores such as serve as very convenient place to purchase DPD-1 test reagents. As of right now, In the Swim has 1,000 DPD-1 tablets (for use in 10mL samples) available for less than 5 cents per test!

Easier to Use Form of DPD-1 Chlorine Test Reagent?

Looking for an equivalent but easier way to test free chlorine using your existing meter or test system that uses a 10mL sample size? If so, DPD-1 ReagentStrips function the same as or better than traditional DPD-1 test tablets, powders and liquids.

For a simple demonstration of how the DPD-1 ReagentStrips for free chlorine testing work in a Hach water quality testing meter, take a look at this free chlorine testing flowchart that illustrates how much easier DPD-1 ReagenetStrips make free chlorine testing.