Not sure if you should classify your tap water as ‘hard’ or as ‘soft’? Many people don’t give a second thought to things like this and just put up with water spots on glasses and silverware, crusty buildups in and around faucet and shower fixtures, and soap or shampoo that just won’t lather up the way it does in the television commercials.

If any of that sounds familiar, the free hardness test strip offer from the makers of a popular brand of water softening salts, Morton, will definitely help you figure out if you have hard water or soft water.

Then, if the test strip indicates that you do actually have hard water, you may want to consider installing a water softener which uses a salt-based (Hence the reason Morton is involved) filtration medium consisting of salt ‘charged’ beads to replace the calcium and magnesium molecules with sodium molecules. Sodium molecules do not come out of solution neraly as readily as calcium and magnesium molecules.

If, by chance, your water requires additional remediation for metals or other unwanted contaminants, you may want to consider installing a reverse osmosis water filtration system which will remove a whole lot more than just calcium and magnesium ions.

One more time… You can get a free hardness test strip from Morton salt by clicking this link.