Coliform Bacteria Test Kit

Residents in certain areas of Wisconsin can obtain free water testing kits from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources as a result of concerns that some (or many) wells may have gotten contaminated during recent periods of flooding.

Health officials pretty much worldwide suggest testing the quality of well water after the tops of wells get covered with flood water due to the likelihood of flood water carrying a plethora of potentially harmful bacteria (i.e. coliform bacteria) and other contaminants (i.e. atrazine & simazine), heavy metals like lead, VOC’s, nitrates/nitrites, etc.).

Area officials are encouraging homeowners and landowners whose wells may have been compromised by flooding to test their water for contaminants.

“Typically, we find that we have wells that have been (covered) by floodwaters — you absolutely have to have it tested,” said Dan Baumann, regional water program manager with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

“The best precaution is to have your well water tested if you feel it’s been compromised by flooding.”

Baumann said wells in floodplain areas are of particular concern because there likely is a host of bacteria and contaminants in the water, which can cause illness. But the DNR’s blanket recommendation is to acquire a test kit if a well’s casing had water flow over it, regardless of location. ( source )

For water sample test kits call Public Health at 715.284.4301 ext. 385 or the Zoning Department at 715.284.0220. For folks not located in areas affected by the flooding in Wisconsin and/or folks who live in other States, you have the option of picking up test kits on your own from reputable test kit manufacturers such as SenSafe and WaterSafe

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If your concern lies strictly with bacteriological contamination of well water,