Hanna Checker HC Chlorine Photometer
Hanna Checker HC
Chlorine Photometer

Every once in a while we get requests from foreign countries asking for pricing and availability of specific products.

Unfortunately we do not know a whole lot about the International market and what products exist in countries outside of the United States and Canada, but we generally assume that interested parties can acquire the same stuff we can, just at a higher cost due to import taxes and shipping fees.

Having said that, though, today’s international inquiry comes from ‘Zahid Afzal’ in Pakistan who asked who wants to know, specifically, about places to purchase a product called the Hanna Checker HC Photometer for Free Chlorine

Dear Sir/Madam,

Can you please give us the price for the “Hanna Checker HC Photometer for Free Chlorine” for our project in the Flood affected areas of Pakistan.


Zahid Afzal

Thanks for the inquiry, Zahid. We really don’t know all that much about the “Hanna Checker HC Photometer for Free Chlorine“… except that a swimming pool supply company ( In the Swim ) began carrying this product at some point last Summer.

Having said that, do you really want to use a pool water testing device to test drinking water?

Granted we have said over and over again that doing ANY testing of drinking water in an area recently affected by flood waters makes more sense than performing no testing at all, but we would suggest looking into other meters… or possibly even into simpler testing methods that do not rely upon chemical reagents (i.e. DPD powders, DPD tablets, DPD reagentstrips, DPD liquids, etc.)

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