Every once in a while we like to remind people that water does a lot more for us than help us wash our food down…

Propur Undercounter Drinking Water Filters
Propur Undercounter
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Propur Countertop
Drinking Water Filter

  1. Studies have shown that people who drink ample amounts of clean water using a filtered reusable water bottle, on a regular basis have a higher metabolism and therefore have the ability to burn off calories and fat at a better rate than those who drink less water.
  2. Studies have shown that people who drink water on a regular basis tend to have fewer heart attacks than people who do not drink water.
  3. Researchers have seen correlations between water consumption and a person’s risk of certain types of cancer. Needless to say the evidence points in favor drinking more water.
  4. Scientists have drawn positive links between the consumption of water and the reduction of headache symptoms and headache frequency.
  5. The brain needs water to work. Actually it needs oxygen to function properly and since water has two oxygen molecules in it its molecular structure, well, you do the math. Studies have shown that a well hydrated brain functions better than a brain containing an average amount of water and also that a dehydrated brain functions worse than a properly hydrated brain.
  6. Since the slightest amount of dehydration can result in diminished brain function, keeping well hydrated after lunch can help alleviate what experts call the ‘afternoon slump’.
  7. Sodas, energy drinks and fancy coffee drinks all cost money… but water from the office water cooler or tap costs nothing. Therefore we estimate that if you skip just ONE beverage that costs $2 each day of the work week you could save nearly $500 in a year.

    Keep that math in mind the next time you find yourself in line for a Double Mocha Latte Whatever Whatever… that costs $6 and contains enough calories and other junk to kill a small farm animal.

You can find more detailed information on the benefits of drinking a healthy amount of water here.

Moral of the story?

All throughout my childhood I heard the phrase “Milk. It does a body good!” repeated over and over again on the radio and on television. Therefore I drank a lot of milk and grew up relatively healthy.

I’ve since added water to my daily diet and can personally attest to its benefits — primarily because I have taken the time to make sure the water I drink contains no unwanted and potentially dangerous contaminants.

Practicing what I preach by testing my water on a regular basis helps to keep not only me as healthy as possible, but it also means my family stays as healthy as possible, too.

Watercheck City-Check Deluxe
Watercheck City-Check Deluxe

COMPLETE Water Quality Test Kit
COMPLETE Water Quality Test Kit

Water Quality Test Kit w/ Lead
Water Quality Test Kit w/ Lead