While most water filters and replacement water filters come with instructions telling you how many gallons of water they will filter properly before needing replacement, Angel from Toledo asked…

“OK, so now that I spent my money on a water filter system for the house, how do I know when it has filtered 10,000 gallons of water? The manual says to change the filter after 10,000 gallons of water but the filter system does not have a counter on it. Am I just supposed to… GUESS when 10,000 gallons have passed through the thing? That seems stupid.”

Well, Angel, we also find it stupid that water filter manufacturers would tell you to change, clean or replace a filter after a certain number of gallons of use and not give you any way to monitor the volume of water that has passed through the filter.

Thankfully, though, a company called HM Digital manufactures a water volume monitoring device called the FM-2 Water Filter Monitor that can keep track of time elapsed since last filter changes as well as the volume of water which has passed through a water filter system.

The FM-2 Water Flow Monitor uses color-coded lights to let water filter owners know how much life their filter(s) have left.

Got something more complex than a single filter system (i.e. a 5-stage RO water filter)? No problem! The battery-powered FM-2 has five timers, one for each stage of a 5-stage system.

Each timer begins its countdown in days or months when water gets turned on and the percentage of elapsed time appears on the LED faucet indicator in the form of green, yellow or red illuminated lights.