A while back we wrote about a dual filter nitrate removal system manufactured by Crystal Quest. Since then we have received several emails asking us if Crystal Quest made a dual filter that mounts under the sink because they have limited counter space but want the benefits offered by a dual filter.

As a matter of fact, Crystal Quest DOES manufacture a dual filter nitrate filter system that mounts under the sink… and it comes with a third filter chamber (a carbon block filter designed to remove volatile organic carbon compounds (VOC’s), insecticides, pesticides, and industrial solvents) as an added bonus. OK, so they really call it a triple filter, but using our ‘math’ you can call it a double filter nitrate removal water filter… with a single carbon block filter on the side. Ha ha.

Why did they add the third filter?

We don’t know the actual reason, but we suspect Crystal Quest knows that nitrates will often appear in drinking water found in rural/agricultural areas where compounds such as atrazine may also show. Adding the carbon block filter means the filter will have the ability to reduce/remove nitrates AND volatile organic carbon compounds (VOC’s), insecticides, pesticides, and industrial solvents.

Manufacturer’s Product Number: CQE-US-00324

Replacing the filters?

Changing out filters on this unit takes very little time and the replacement filters don’t cost an arm and a leg, either.

Life expectancy for the filters?

  • Roughly 6-9 months for carbon filter
  • About 10,000 gallons (or 1 to 3 years) for 6-stage filter
  • Around 1 year for the nitrate removal filter

Filter Water: Carbon Block Filter
Carbon Block Filter

Filter Water: 6 Stage Filter
6 Stage Filter

Filter Water: Nitrate Filter
Nitrate Filter