We received an inquiry regarding the removal of a specific hydrocarbon and ask that some of our more experienced filtration folks chime in to help their fellow Water Testing Blog reader solve his problem… because this level of filtration question goes beyond what we can address. You will find the question/situation outlined below:

Attachments will show composition of hydrocarbon (DCP-Goldsmith East LACT #7415).

Also you will find sketches to show details of the system.

We have a water stream from a 3 phase separator (see attached “East LACT Tk Instr & Controls“) and have a very low tolerance for entrained hydrocarbons. The max limit of hydrocarbons in the water is 50mg/L.

The associated hydrocarbon is shown on attached DCP-Goldsmith East LACT #7415.

I would like to get some info on filtration systems as applied to this process.

  1. Can you filter the hydrocarbon to achieve the 50mg/L limitation (or lower)?
  2. Can the filters be regenerated or do that need to be replaced when saturated?
  3. How can we determine when the filters are at their limit and need to be regenerated or replaced?
  4. Do you furnish equipment mounted on a skid with parallel filters including controls and instrumentation to alert operations if/when their actions are required?
  5. Can you give me a ball park figure on cost for this system and cost of replacement filters?
  6. The system should be sized for 50 GPM flow rate at a pressure of 75PSIG. Temperature will range from 60F up to 100F.

If you believe you can help this gentleman out, please drop us a line w/ your contact information and we will forward it on to him.

Moral of the story?

In a perfect world we would have all the answers to every water quality question anyone ever asked us… but the fact that we all have to (or should!) worry about the quality of the water we drink proves that we do not live in a perfect world so we do the smart thing and reach out others we know who may have the answers our readers seek.

If you, as homeowner, business owner, or experienced water quality professional have a question about water quality, don’t hesitate to ask because the more knowledge you have, and we all share, the greater the odds of our collectively coming up with solutions to the world’s constantly growing number of water quality issues.

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