Until just now we have always said, “Not really”, but our response officially changes today since we have recently located an iron bacteria test kit designed for use by homeowners. Granted the kit still requires the homeowner to mail in their sample, but the test kit doesn’t cost TOO much and the analysis will get performed by a certified water testing lab.

To paraphrase Charles Barkley, “To use any other kind of lab would be uncivilized.”

Without further ado, let us introduce you to the WaterCheck Iron Bacteria Test Kit which gives the average person the ability to test for iron bacteria and get laboratory quality results in a matter of days.

What harm does iron bacteria cause?

In a nutshell, Iron Bacteria can cause your water to taste and smell quite bad as well as aid in the corrosion of your plumbing. It can also clog screens and cause water pressure to become diminished over time.

Simple indicators that you may have iron bacteria?

Take a quick look at your toilet tank to see if you’ve got a brownish slime growing on the sides of the tank. If so, you may have iron bacteria in your water supply.

A reddish, brownish or yellowish color to your water may also serve as an indication that you have iron bacteria in your water.

Does your water have a musty smell to it? Perhaps it has a scent that reminds you of sewage? If so, then that may indicate the presence of iron bacteria in your water.