While performing our usual search for water quality, water quality testing, and water quality improvement devices we stumbled across an article about a chemical-free technology (OXI System) which supposedly can remove high levels of iron, manganese and sulfur from water previously deemed unusable for many applications.

IRONPro manufactures a unique chemical-free water filtration system that improves water quality in home, agriculture, business, and other applications that rely on well water.

LWC Ltd. began developing a unique Iron and sulfur filtration system in 1995 called the OXI System. The OXI System uses a chemical free process to remove Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide, and Manganese from problem water applications. In 2000, LWC Ltd. was issued patents covering the system as well as its unique air injection method. The system is now marketed under the IRONPro trademark.

IRONPro is the new alternative to traditional water filtration equipment which requires the use of catalysts such as salt or caustic chemicals. ( source )

You can find more information about the OXI System at IRONPro’s web site.

For those intereted in rapid testing methods for iron, manganese, and/or sulfur in drinking water… We suggest you take a look at the following test kits:

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Test Kit for Managnese in Water

Test Kit for Iron in Water
Test Kit for Iron in Water

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Hydrogen Sulfide in Water Test Kit
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