KX Matrikx 5 Carbon Filter 02-250-125-975

Although all of us at Water Testing Blog prefer that our drinking water have absolutely no taste at all, and give us nothing more than pure aqueous refreshment in each and every glass, there exists an element in society that believes water ought to have SOME sort of taste… a slightly sweet taste.

With that in mind, we now present the KX Matrikx 5 Carbon Filter, a replacement 10-inch x 2.5-inch filter which incorporates coconut shell carbon into its filtering method and thus gives water a slightly sweeter taste.

The manufacturer, KX Matrikx, touts the replacement filter as an ideal replacement filter for residential and/or food service applications where the taste of water really matters. They also claim that the filter’s unique carbon pore structure does an excellent job of absorbing chemicals, reducing VOC and TOC, and removing chlorine from water — resulting in the elimination of bad taste and odor.

When we first heard about this product we believed it would come with an outrageous price tag. Most water remediation products that have other, more aesthetic purposes in addition to simply making water safe for drinking tend to cost more. Not the case with this filter, though. We found it online for under $15.

For more information about the KX Matrikx 5 Carbon Filter (02-250-125-975) and how it can improve the taste of your drinking water, please visit its product page on FilterWater.Com.